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Mastering Your Goals Course
Mastering Your Goals Course
Mastering Your Goals Course

Mastering Your Goals Course

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"I was wowed by Mastering Your Goals! It was so, so, so good! I got so much from it! We've had similar struggles... only you've already overcome them! Thank you for sharing your victories and inspiring and equipping me!"

Sarah Bogenschutz, wife and mom of 2, Flower Mound, TX

"You helped me clear away the white noise of the unimportant, and drill down on what I most need to do and prioritize."
Tania Brown, wife, mom of 4 teens, businesswoman

You have a purpose from God, with goals to achieve, big dreams,

and a difference to make in this world!

What You'll Learn:

1) God's most important priorities for you

2) How to stop comparing, coveting, and copying others and be the Unique You that God created you to be

3) How to Dare to Dream Again to Accomplish the Big Goals God has for you

4) How to Set Goals and Achieve them

5) How to implement Time Blocking to plan your schedule to deal with interruptions and still accomplish your goals

What You'll Receive:

  • 6 Video Lessons packed with encouragement and how-tos
  • Q&A sessions following each lesson that are "GOLD"!
  • A beautiful Workbook (fillable online or to print out) to keep all your information and notes organized beautifully to refer back to again & again!
  • Bonus #1: My Marriage Workshop Video (pure gold from 45 years of marriage to one man!)
  • Bonus #2: My Christian Parenting Workshop Videos (10 short consumable videos packed with an older mom's wisdom and experience having raised kids to be adults who love the Lord, are responsible, and love to be with each other and us)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this a physical product that will be shipped to me?

  • No. Nothing will be shipped to you! Everything is sent to you as Digital products, not physical products. The video lessons and Bonus workshops will be downloadable, as well as the Workbook.
  • Included: Digital Workbook to help implement your steps! (Comes in a Fillable PDF so that you can do the work on your laptop, desktop, or phone, or print it out and write in it if you wish.)

Will this help me no matter what age or stage I'm in?

  • Yes! It's ideal for a wife with kids of any age. But, whether you're single, newlywed, married with no kids, married with kids, have younger or older kids, are an empty nester, working from home, SAHM, a woman with a career outside the home, or an online entrepreneur, these lessons will help you to prioritize God's unique goals for you, give you clarity on His purpose, and the skills to set goals you can achieve!
"MASTERING YOUR GOALS" is a life-changing program designed to help you identify, prioritize, and accomplish your most important goals--God's unique goals for you. You were made to make a difference in this world! 
Watch Sarah's video here (1-1/2 minutes):


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