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"All Is Calm Christmas" Workshop Evergreen
"All Is Calm Christmas" Workshop Evergreen
"All Is Calm Christmas" Workshop Evergreen
"All Is Calm Christmas" Workshop Evergreen
"All Is Calm Christmas" Workshop Evergreen
"All Is Calm Christmas" Workshop Evergreen
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"All Is Calm Christmas" Workshop Evergreen

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The feeling of stress and pressure during the holidays can be intense. You don't want to let any of your family, friends, or church down, so you just about kill yourself trying to get it all done. Have you felt that way? I know I have. With the expectations from others and yourself, sometimes you want to run away and feel like you're going to crack.

But then you feel guilty because shouldn't you have joy in your heart celebrating Christ's birthday? And, you want to make it fun and happy for your kids.

I have good news for you: You can be ready ahead of time and have a calm, Christ-Centered Christmas while spending less this year. Really.

With the All Is Calm Christmas Video Workshop, included free, you will get the ESSENTIAL TOOL to GET IT DONE!!!

The 8-Weeks to a Calm, Christ-Centered Christmas Printable Planner!!! (And a free 12-Week Version is included!) Week by week, you'll know exactly what to do to get everything done early! You can customize the Planner to fit your list! I use it myself, and I can tell you it is what makes the difference! 

Because I've been there and didn't want to stay there, I created a system that has helped me, and now I want to share it with you!

There's a better way.

  • Ditch the stress, spend less, and celebrate Christmas intentionally with meaningful Christ-Centered traditions

  • Packed with Bonuses! Get all the tools (Budget Tracker, Gift-List Planner, Christmas Commitments Checklist) to help you keep track of where you're at in your Christmas preparations, how much you've spent, and stay under budget

  • You'll LOVE my Video Series with gift ideas you can create and examples of gifts I've made to bless family and friends AND save money! I call it "A DIY Christmas"!

  • Have a step-by-step plan to get it all done before Christmas and early

Get the "All Is Calm Christmas" Workshop now to get a step-by-step method for a relaxed Christmas, where you're ready early and Christmas is filled with the fun and special traditions your family has chosen intentionally and wants to use to celebrate Jesus' birthday.


  • Seeing all your gifts wrapped weeks before Christmas
  • Saving money on gifts because you got in on early sales
  • Feeling the joy of hand-created gifts and decorations (the fun of making some with your kids) that hardly cost you anything, and people will love
  • Being able to feel relaxed and joyful, and do fun things as a family during the month of December
  • Focusing in worship on Jesus Christ's birth and truly celebrating Him
  • Establishing a budget and knowing how much you've spent
  • Experiencing the freedom of no after-Christmas debt or regret
  • Intentionally choosing what your family will and will not do to celebrate so that it is a meaningful and memorable Christmas
  • Looking forward to next Christmas, knowing you have a successful system that will work for years
  • Feeling less stressed, more prepared knowing what you have to do, when, and that you have time, with an easy-to-implement plan for your daily and weekly Christmas prep
  • Feeling like a success as a wife and mom, making Christmas special for your family


Get The "All Is Calm Christmas" Workshop Today! Just $37

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  • I share the successful strategies to help you organize for Christmas, choose what to do, know when to do what, establish a budget, stay within it, and have a strategy to accomplish everything early


  1. "CHRISTMAS COMMITMENTS GUIDE" to help you communicate and decide on what you want to include in your celebration and remind you of what's important to you
  2. "ALL IS CALM CHRISTMAS BUDGET PLANNER" to make intentional decisions and help you remember ALL THE CATEGORIES and everything you spend money on related to the holidays (and spread out the spending)
  3. "ALL IS CALM CHRISTMAS GIFT-LIST PLANNER" to keep track of the ideas you have for gifts, what you have purchased, what you've spent, and compare that to what you've budgeted, check off whether it's wrapped, mailed, given, and where you've stored it
  4. MY SPECIAL VIDEO SERIES, "A DIY CHRISTMAS: GIFT IDEAS YOU CAN MAKE TO BLESS YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS AND SAVE MONEY." I've made many gifts over the years along with my family, and in this video series, I'll share 4 of the gift categories with examples of gifts we've made that you can quickly and inexpensively create to bless your family and friends



And, the essential tool, the CCCC (Calm Christ-Centered Christmas 8-Weeks and 12-Weeks Planner/Calendar) comes with this FREE!

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