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Calm, Christ-Centered Christmas Planner/Calendar (with a 12-Week Version, too!)
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Calm, Christ-Centered Christmas Planner/Calendar (with a 12-Week Version, too!)

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Have a Calm, Christ-Centered Christmas This Year. Know exactly what you have to do every week and check off the boxes to be done early for Christmas!

Don't see disappointed expressions on your children's faces and feel the overwhelm over the holidays again!

Imagine your children's smiles as you make happy family memories, experience fun activities, and have time to do those things you haven't had time for before instead of being stressed and overwhelmed!

Have time to do those special things you’ve dreamed of doing for your family and friends to make it a great Christmas instead of being a wreck and all stressed out (even ruining it for yourself and everyone else)! This year have the tools to make this Christmas very special. This 8-Week Planner (and it comes in a 12-Week version, too) is the perfect tool to help you get things done and calmly.

You'll have everything laid out for you week-by-week in this planner, and edit to fit your list, so you can just focus on the week's list, check off the boxes, and before you know it, you'll be ready early for Christmas! And, ready next year, without doing a thing!

If you haven't already, get the Workshop, All Is Calm Christmas, instead of this, because it COMES with this FREE! to know all the things to do and how to use this tool even more effectively! Copy and past into your browser: