2-Day Prioritizing Flash Sale
2-Day Prioritizing Flash Sale
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2-Day Prioritizing Flash Sale

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Have you found your purpose and do you know how wonderfully God uniquely created you?

Full of doubts, fears, misgivings, and unsure you’re doing the right things or going in the right direction? Feeling exhausted, and not “enough”?

There’s no doubt that God wants you to fulfill your purpose, and He shows by His example that planning and setting goals are His way to accomplish it. But, you might wonder how you're supposed to practically do that?

Thankfully, I have a solution to help you identify and set God’s goals for you to get rid of the doubts, fears, and self-reproach and help you live with more clarity, confidence, and purpose.

In fact, this might just be the best news you’ll have all week...

For 2 days only, you can grab my “Prioritizing God’s Unique Goals For You” Bundle for just $21--that’s 30% off the regular price of $29 (and 70% off the $95 it would cost if you were to purchase each item separately)!!

And, for the first time ever, I'm also offering you the "Prioritizing Videos Tutorial Kit" for only $9--a set of videos and beautiful Workbook--with me walking you through the Bundle step-by-step to show you exactly how to use it, and how you can get the most benefit out of it! Like having me right there with you!

"Prioritizing God’s Unique Goals For You" is a Digital Bundle that will help you Identify who God uniquely created you (to know how He made you uniquely special) and decide on the goals He wants you to pursue!

You know, the goals that make you feel so good inside, fill you with excitement and make you want to jump out of bed in the morning because they fit you like a glove and line up with His purpose for creating you!


After I learned these things, I lost 90 lbs., finished Homeschooling my kids all the way through, got organized in my life & home, and started a blog--actually 2! I became a writer, speaker, and mentor to moms, and started a business. Your goals will be different because God uniquely created you for a unique purpose! But, you can become consistent at prioritizing and accomplishing God's unique goals for you and I can help! Get this Bundle of Resources now to know who God uniquely created you to be, and what He wants you to do! And, don't forget to check the box to get your "Prioritizing Videos Tutorial Kit" for the videos and workbook to get all the help and get the MOST out of it!