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12-month Coaching Package (Life Coaching Program for Christian Women)
12-month Coaching Package (Life Coaching Program for Christian Women)
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12-month Coaching Package (Life Coaching Program for Christian Women)

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Hi, I'm Wendy Gunn. Are you looking for a Christian coach and mentor? Do you want transformation?

Are you looking for a wiser, older Christian woman with encouraging words, a warm heart, and a listening ear to focus on your problems and issues and give you practical action steps that will bring immediate help to your situation?

Do you need practical, Biblical answers? The kind of life-changing help that will move you forward in practical ways so that you can finally move forward successfully? Someone to help you see your problems from a bigger-picture kind of way, and to cast light on the answers that you've found elusive up til now.


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You can put an end to feeling overwhelmed and struggling with inconsistency, not knowing what's important to prioritize, and not feeling "enough"? Do you want someone to talk to who won't judge you, who's been there, and has carved out time just for listening to and helping you? To talk about your Christian parenting, homemaking, homeschooling, home and time management, and any and all of the unique issues of Christian living in these troubling times that are bothering you? Or do you just plain need encouragement? Need to feel supported and to feel that there's someone in your corner?

Maybe you have troublesome habits that are holding you back, and you need a plan and accountability. Someone firm and with suggestions and tips to help you overcome them.


Sign up today for my 12-Month Life Coaching Program!


I am a personal mentor and coach who offers one-on-one coaching designed uniquely for you within 26 every-other-week 1-hour Zoom sessions, with answers, instruction, support, resources, encouragement, and most of all, a warm heart and listening ear to help you solve your problems.


And, most importantly, all from a Christian, Biblical perspective. A coach who will always point you to Jesus and the Word of God for your answers. A coach who will open in prayer and commit all that transpires in our sessions to Christ, be completely committed to your privacy, and who will rely on Christ for answers.

The clear message you will always hear communicated over and over in my business is that you were created uniquely by God--wonderfully made--and that you have a one-of-a-kind purpose.

You will always be encouraged to be you, to be yourself, to recognize that you have gifts and talents and that the trials in your life, as well as the blessings, are meant by God to direct you in your life, to form the character of Christ in you, and they will become what defines you, in a sense. God never wastes suffering. He has a purpose in all He allows us to go through. He will glorify Himself through you.


God uses what He teaches us through times of trial and hardship to write a message in us that He will then use in others' lives for spiritual fruitfulness and growth and to help them through what they're going through.

You will find help to be the best you that you can be by God's grace. You will be directed to find God's uniquely-created purpose for you and your family. You'll be encouraged to stop comparing, copying, and coveting others to live out your unique purpose, and the reason God has created you!

I know what it's like. I tried to do it all, please everyone, copy my friends, and never felt "enough." I became exhausted and overwhelmed. Then God taught me to embrace who He uniquely created me to be and He changed me, helped me overcome habits and besetting sins, and helped me change major things that were holding me back from being who He wanted me to be and from fulfilling the purpose He had for me.

Since then, I've lost 90+ lbs, raised children through all the ages and stages to adulthood, and watched them become people who I respect and rejoice in that they love and serve the Lord. I have completed Homeschooling my kids all the way through, found success as a writer, speaker, and blogger, and started my own online business.

I'm also an ovarian cancer survivor of 20 years, I've been married to one man for 44 years, and I've been a believer in Jesus Christ for 47 years. God has taught me many things and I'd love to help you! I know God can and will help you through our one-on-one coaching sessions! Are you ready to take the next step?

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