Powerful Prayers for Your Family
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Powerful Prayers for Your Family

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Powerful Prayers for Your Family (Printable PDF)

by Wendy Gunn

You know you're in a battle to raise a Godly family, and you need weapons! God has given us the most powerful weapon we could have! His Word! Here are 83 Biblical Prayers for Your Family to use to fight the spiritual warfare!

Almost all of the prayers have the Bible verses written next to them which they came from. Use this as a catalyst for Bible Study. Pray as a couple for your children! Pray for your spouse. God hears our prayers, and He will answer!

Wendy Gunn is a wife, mom, Homeschooler who Homeschooled her two grown children start to finish. Her desire is to be a prayer warrior and she uses these prayers in her prayers for her own family.

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