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A Visual American History Timeline of Books--Primary Timeline

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A Visual American History Timeline
Primary Level

This is the Primary Timeline!

Bonnie Anderson, who created this amazing Timeline, says this:

“I have always believed in the importance of the timeline to retain historical information as it relates to special events and people. I know a visual picture has always been the easiest for me to remember. Thus I came up with a new approach to a historical timeline by choosing pictures of favorite books and placing them in chronological order.

Included in this timeline are biographies, historical fiction, and historical non-fiction books. I have chosen a variety of old and new books that can be obtained in local libraries, inter-library loans, and from new and used book dealers.

Some of these older books are now available in new reprinted versions. My desire in making this timeline was to excite both old and young in the beginning study of American history. You could even add your own favorites to make the timeline a family treasure.

This timeline can be hung chronologically on a wall or if you would rather, hole-punched and placed in a ring binder. Note that each century is defined by different color horizontal bars in the middle of each sheet.”

Excite your kids in the subject of History and become lovers of books and learning, which translates into lifelong learners!


This is a digital product, so you can use it immediately, and print just what you need!

 If you desire a physical book delivered to your home, contact John and Bonnie Anderson, 763-479-1707, directly.

*Disclosure: I am an affiliate for the Andersons, and receive a small commission from the sale of this Timeline.

    A Visual American History Timeline of Books--Primary Timeline