The Patriotic Prayer Journaling Kit
The Patriotic Prayer Journaling Kit
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The Patriotic Prayer Journaling Kit

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I want to call you to pray for our country! Do you want to make a difference in this world? Have you thought, “How can I, an insignificant individual, make a difference in the future of your country?” Well, you can make a difference! No matter who you are, or where you are, you can make a difference in this world! You can change the world by being a person who is a prayer warrior, praying for your country. 

On the 4th of July, on that day of all days, patriotism raises its voice to a crescendo across America. But, what about the rest of the year? Our country has its issues right now, to be sure, but I believe it's still the greatest country on earth. America, and the world, need prayer desperately! The USA, though great, can be greater. You and I can make a difference. You and I NEED to make a difference. We need to pray!!!

Though I am speaking directly to citizens of the United States, this resource can be used effectively by anyone in the world. The prayers are not country-specific. I tried to make them Biblical. Certainly, the call to prayer for our leaders in the Bible is not country-specific. We are all called to pray for our leaders that we might live peaceable and Godly lives.

The journaling pages are red, white, and blue, but they can be used by anyone as you pray and journal what God is speaking to you.

Who can you think of to give this resource to? It would make a great gift. I have used this Kit in a 5-Day Prayer Challenge for our country, and I encourage you to gather a group of people and do a 5-day Prayer Challenge. Just set a theme for each day, and use the cover and journal page you’ll find inside to get you started. 

I hope you have been moved to take action! We can change the world through prayer!