How to Be a Success at Homeschooling From the Start
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How to Be a Success at Homeschooling From the Start

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“How to Be a Success at Homeschooling From the Start” by Wendy Gunn

Written by a veteran Homeschooler this book will get you off on the right foot, encourage you that you can Homeschool your kids, and show you the best way to start. Even if you have been Homeschooling for a while, you are sure to find tips and helpful advice that will make it easier and success more attainable for you as a Homeschooling Mom!

Homeschooling is hard, but so worth it! It requires a different mindset about your child's education! It isn't bringing public or government schooling home. Here you will feel like you're sitting down and getting the years of experience and golden nuggets of advice from a veteran Homeschooler. You'll be encouraged, build your confidence, and know what really matters, and know what to forget about.

Wendy Gunn and her husband Homeschooled their two children from start to finish. Their children are now successful adults and Wendy has no greater joy, as it says in 3 John 4, than to know her children are walking with the LORD, in truth.

Wendy attends a church made up entirely of Homeschool families, most of them large, and keeps her finger on the pulse of Homeschooling, writing and speaking to groups, and blogging at Get this encouraging book to help you succeed at Homeschooling today!