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A Thankful Thoughts Journal

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  • Ways to Increase Gratitude In Your Family, Homeschool, with Your Teens and Tweens, as a Couple, and More
  • How to encourage your TWEEN AND TEEN to be more thankful
  • How to encourage thankfulness in every age in your family
  • How to put an end to grumbling and complaining in your home
  • Ideas for how to use it as a Date-night activity
  • How to use it with your smallest children
  • How to cultivate a habit of gratitude in each of your family members


  • 30 Days of Thankful Thoughts Prompts
  • Journal pages for you to write in (put it in a 3-ring binder with a copy of the pretty cover in the front insert)
  • Inspirational Quotes that are pretty enough to frame and put up in your home!
  • My ideas on how you can use it to encourage an attitude of gratitude in your kids of every age
  • Ideas for How to put an end to your family's grumbling and complaining
  • One journal prompt per day for a month, not dated
  • Bible verses
  • Awesome quotes that will make you feel good
  • Space for you to journal in answer to the prompts for a month of journaling your own expressions of thankfulness

Get A Thankful Thoughts Journal today! (Did I mention it makes a great gift? Think Christmas (THANKS-GIVING IS NOT A DAY!) Get one for a friend, sister, daughter, mother, or mother-in-law...they'll love it!) Share one with a friend and share your answers over coffee, on the phone, or by text! So many ways to grow your gratitude this season! Get it today!

    A Thankful Thoughts Journal
    A Thankful Thoughts Journal
    A Thankful Thoughts Journal
    A Thankful Thoughts Journal