What Others Are Saying

Christy Kruse is an efficiency expert, mom of 4 small children, podcaster and entrepreneur.

Wendy really helps people, and besides that she's one of the nicest people I've met. So "let's get to the good stuff"--sign up for her masterclass if you haven't!

- Christy Christina Kruse

I was wowed by your course, Mastering Your Goals! It was so so so good! My biggest aha moment was you talking about perfectionism. You just spoke so much truth and it all seemed so obvious... I don't know why I hadn't heard this anywhere before!

Sarah Bogenschutz | Wife and Mom of 2

"You’re an amazing coach and you have so much knowledge. I love that you pray for me, and your counsel is so wise. I love that you tell me truth even when it’s not easy to do. You are an amazing help to women and what a treasure they have in you. The recommendations you gave me were life-changing!"

Jessica B | Wife and Mom of 8

I've been encouraged by Wendy's passion to know and apply Scripture in her life. She brings so much clarity and hope to the topic of raising Godly kids and she's been instrumental in my parenting journey!

Krista Bailey | Wife and Mom of 4

I have been a subscriber for quite a while. I love Wendy's encouragement so much and really enjoy all her video training. I feel her kindness and gentleness pop off the screen. I love watching all her videos and watch them over and over.

Nynke Mills | Wife and Homeschool Mom of 3

You helped me clear away the white noise of the unimportant, and drill down to what I really need to do and prioritize.

Tania Brown | Wife and Mom of 4 teenagers