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Crafting Godly Character In Kids Workshop Recorded

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By Crafting Godly Character Now, You'll Soar Past Character, Behavior, and Attitude Problems Later! 

Create a solid foundation of Godly character in your child before they're 5-8 years old, and you'll soar past the attitude, character, and behavior problems that most parents face later on!

You'll discover:

  • Why you need to take action NOW
  • What you have to gain and 
  • What you have to LOSE if you wait
  • Why even bother? Why is Godly Character so important?
  • What specific Godly characteristics you need to train in, and
  • HOW do you instill Godliness in a child, and 
  • Why it isn't enough to love your kids, teach them Bible stories, and take them to church every Sunday
  • What you can do in the WARFARE that is raging in our culture in the battle for your kids' hearts and souls, yes, there is a WAR going on, and
  • The practical steps to build a successful, Godly family with children who have Godly character and are a joy to be with (and bring you compliments on their behavior!), and
  • The result of children who will be able to stand strong against the attack of Satan as they are growing up and as adults, and resist temptations to be the Godly leaders of tomorrow

As a Christian Parent, you want to raise kids with Godly character, but you often play a game of whack-a-mole, hitting the ungodly character with a hammer and overreacting as it pops up because you weren't expecting it and you didn't have a plan or clue how to deal with it!

You don't know how to define Godly (or ungodly) character, but you know you want it in your child. But how can you train them in it when you don't know what you're looking for till you see the opposite?



In the "Crafting Godly Character in Kids" Workshop, you will learn:

  • How to define what IS Godly character
  • Why it's important for your children to have it
  • Where to begin
  • Steps to take to train your child, and
  • How you can respond seriously, calmly, and appropriately (you want to stop yelling and getting angry) when they display ungodly character

You will gain confidence as a parent and be given support, strength, and the skills and tools to intentionally build Godly character in your child.

You'll realize truths from God's Word, and get amazing tips.

You'll also learn:

  • The essential steps to creating a solid foundation of Godly character
  • What is at the core of the problem and the warfare you're in as a Christian parent
  • The Godly response when your child exhibits ungodly character (and the ungodly behavior that is most common at this age)
  • How to identify ungodly character, traits, behavior, and attitudes...what the Godly character trait you want to establish is, and how to do it



  • A Recorded TWO-HOUR WORKSHOP plus Q&A with valuable answers to your heart's questions that is filled with support, understanding, and actionable steps to take

  • An older Christian mom who will start and end the Workshop in prayer and give you the best Biblical answers she can and the perspective of a Christian mom who's walked the path and been on the journey before

  • A Workbook to take notes in and refer back to (fillable online or to print for a pen-and-paper experience)

  • A Biblical perspective & reference to why it's hard and what to do about it

  • A Character Evaluation Kit that can be used for years to come (printable and with instructions on how to evaluate your child's character, with examples and definitions of Godly character qualities, how to train your child to evaluate his own character in time--so you can train him, and he can begin to know when he is exhibiting ungodly character himself and have his own conscience prompt him what to do about it) (A $7 value)

  • My Book, "A 2020 Vision for Raising Godly Kids" (A $17 value)
  • My Video Course, "Raising Godly Kids" (A $47 value)
  • A Character Evaluation Kit to use (template that you can copy and use for years)
  • Specific steps to deal with the ungodly character that most parents see in children of this age
  • Tips and suggestions so you'll be ready for it if it comes and ready to respond appropriately! You'll know you're not alone, won't have to freak out, and will be prepared to respond in a Godly way!

Keep in mind this is a recorded presentation, and all materials are in digital format.

You'll learn from a Christian wife of 45 years, who is a mom of two grown children that are walking with the Lord, a mom who's been there and made many mistakes but, by God's grace, made it to the other side and now can look back with perspective to help you navigate across the waters of parenthood to successfully raise a Godly family!

It is specially created for Christian parents of kids eight years old and under.



Q: Will there be a replay?

A: This is a recorded presentation, so you have the opportunity to watch it whenever you want and as many times as you want, for the life of the product.

Q: Is this Workshop material available in any other form?

A:  Yes. There is a Live Version of the Workshop, which includes all the bonuses, and in ADDITION, you can ask me your questions directly in the Q & A Session following the presentation! BEST OF ALL, there is a VERY valuable additional bonus to the Live version. When you purchase the Live Version and attend the Workshop Live, you will receive a coupon code during the Workshop that will give you the opportunity to apply the cost of your Workshop to a Coaching Package when you sign up for one of my one-on-one Coaching Packages by the Sunday following the Live Workshop! This is an incredible deal, and well worth attending Live, if you can. The price of the Live Workshop is higher because of these advantages and bonuses.


After signing up, we'll set up a Free Connection Call via Zoom prior to the beginning of Coaching.

When you use the Coupon Code given to you during the Workshop as a participant attending the Live Workshop and put it into your application for a Coaching Package, it will automatically be applied and deduct the cost of the Workshop from your Coaching Package! This is an incredible offer, and I'm unsure if it will be offered in future Workshops. But it is for now!

Please note: This Workshop is specially created for Christian parents of children under 8. It doesn't mean you don't have older children, but you will best be served if you have at least one child under 8.



This is a Recorded presentation. 

Please note: You can't expect a miracle to happen. There is work to do, coupled with prayer and reliance on God.

That said, God makes many promises in His Word and He is the God Who loves your children, and hears your prayers.

But, there are no guarantees that if you follow the steps in this Workshop, you'll have Godly children. As anyone who has raised more than one child and raised them"the same" and had the heartbreak of having one of them turn away from the Lord and live an ungodly life can tell you, there are no guarantees.

But, these principles will give you the best chance of raising Godly kids, and will strengthen your walk with the Lord, as well as your kids.

    Crafting Godly Character In Kids Workshop Recorded
    Crafting Godly Character In Kids Workshop Recorded
    Crafting Godly Character In Kids Workshop Recorded

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